Dedication to Safety

Safety is our number one priority at Cooper Construction. It is the cornerstone of our culture. Safety awareness is integrated into our daily work and actions throughout our entire organization.

Each week at Cooper Construction we have a company wide safety presentation focusing on one of a vast range of topics. We feel it is important to educate every single employee about safety, so we can empower them to put these concepts into practice as well as to educate others. We will be sharing these presentations with you here because they are important to us, and you are important to us.

View the featured safety report outlining the types of work-related heat stress factors to be aware of and what can be done to prevent heat stress.

Learn about the proper use of ladders and how to use them safely.  Don't even think about standing on that chair!

Safety report outlining the vertical and horizontal safety nets.

Learn about the proper use of table saws and how to use them safely.

Safety on the jobsite when dealing with Cardio Vascular Disease.

Learn about the different kinds of hard hats.

Do you know the seven general safety recommendations before using gas cylinders?

One of the biggest afterthoughts at workplaces are fire extinguishers. This is for the sole reason that employees done expect to use them, and for that reason do not do proper maintenance.

A Construction Job-site offers ample opportunity for ignition and fire. Find ways to limit the risk
of fire on your job-site.

Cardiac arrest can happen anywhere. Learn what to look for and how to take action.

Cold Related Illnesses and Injuries; Signs, Treatment and Prevention

Learn about safe Arc Welding procedures and equipment.