Dedication to Safety

Safety is our number one priority at Cooper Construction. It is the cornerstone of our culture. Safety awareness is integrated into our daily work and actions throughout our entire organization.

Each week at Cooper Construction we have a company wide safety presentation focusing on one of a vast range of topics. We feel it is important to educate every single employee about safety, so we can empower them to put these concepts into practice as well as to educate others. We will be sharing these presentations with you here because they are important to us, and you are important to us.

Putting on your seat-belt before moving in your motor vehicle is automatic for nearly everyone these days. However, wearing seat-belts on construction equipment often times is not as automatic as it is when we get in our personal vehicles.

Ensure you are wearing the proper type and that you are wearing it correctly.

Lockout and tag procedures are designed to protect workers from unexpected equipment startup or release of stored energy that could cause injury while someone is performing maintenance or repairs.

Hearing loss can happen suddenly, but also can build up over an extended duration, so know how to protect yourself.

Protective footwear is an item paramount to not only comfort onsite, but also safety.

Someone in the work place should always be trained in First Aid and know how to administer CPR.

Do you know what is a confined space or what hazards are?

Learn about the safety hazards workers may encounter when they use aerial lifts.

Learn the most cited OSHA Violations of 2017