Dedication to Safety

Safety is our number one priority at Cooper Construction. It is the cornerstone of our culture. Safety awareness is integrated into our daily work and actions throughout our entire organization.

Each week at Cooper Construction we have a company wide safety presentation focusing on one of a vast range of topics. We feel it is important to educate every single employee about safety, so we can empower them to put these concepts into practice as well as to educate others. We will be sharing these presentations with you here because they are important to us, and you are important to us.

Workers who operate or work near lifts may be struck or crushed by the machine or the load being handled. This following is why forklift training & safety is so important!

Printed SDS are required to be on all job-sites. Know what you are working with before it comes on your job to control chemical exposure.

Caught in between accidents are one of the four deadliest on a construction site according to OSHA.

Knowing how to do a pre-start check and operate lifts on site maintains safety for everyone there.